I wake up to a hellish nightmare..

Each night is my judgment day..

Sounds and echoes of torment and despair..

The river of death starts to flow..

Rain twists and transforms..

To tears made of woe…

©2014 Aslan Kanshaw


I live

I live in a dark forest,


Thrives on the blood of human,

And moral decay


It sucks the life out of me,

Slowly but surly,

Changing my being,

To something..

I don’t want to be..

A darker version..

Of my self..

One who sees the bad in all,

All seasons are fall,

And God exists no more..

God has left this place,

The light doesn’t shine here,

Flowers wither,

Human connection perishes,

Loved ones turn to stone,

This is where I live..



©2014 Aslan Kanshaw


A prologue

Once upon a night,

I traveled again,

To the place I once called heaven..


Green as far as the eye can see,

Where nature plays the sweetest melody,

And everything rhymes with life it self,

But nothing is left to be..


Bleak silver streams,

Born from the venom of the snake,

Raised within the souls of the rotten,

The worshiped scarecrows,

Feeding on the good inside of us..


Meadows are painted black,

As sleeping death lurks between the clouds,

I stand motionless and..

Marvel with empty eyes..

Wearing the colors of loss..

Like a grieving graveyard statue…


I feel a soft breeze of weary winds,

Singing silent lamentations..

A prologue to a tragedy untold..


The Angels fall from their thrones,

And my last gleam of hope,

Fades away…


The final chapter lies written,

Dressed in a robe..

Of my shattered dreams..

As the flower withers..

Fallen leaves lie dying..

My soul kneels down in solitude..

Clouds vanish..

And death becomes all..

Today is the day…

The day we fall…

©2012 Aslan Kanshaw



Whispers of evil

Screams of children

Echo in my mind..

I reach for them..

But nothingness is what I find;


The time has come..

To pay for our sins ..

As Satan laughs..

And spreads his wings;


Entwined forever in this tragic Place..

I feel the end is near..

As cries shatter the silence

And the king becomes fear;

©2012 Aslan Kanshaw

lover’s Grief

Her eyes caressed him to endure the painful cries…

The strings of her heart played the melody of goodbye..

His eyes shined for the last time, filled with tears..

The man died that night..Aged for years..

Only to live again, with a scar in his heart..

And an eco of a pain..

Always reminding him how much he loves her..

A love to the point of no return..

©2012 Aslan Kanshaw


Wondering aimlessly through the fields..

Alone I know what absence yields..

A sickening agony…..


Away from my angel..

Life seems colorless..

Just ashes of gray..

And Emptiness..


She is my light..

Everything I knew…

She is every dream I had..

Coming true…

And my love for her..

Shall stay..


©2012 Aslan Kanshaw


Lost Word

A thought..

A lump in my throat..

A lost word..

Came to birth..

In the shadow of the night..

Seeking an answer..

But no one was there.. 

The only voice I heard was mine..

Mumbling against the wind..

An echo reflecting endlessly…

©2012 Aslan Kanshaw


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